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Back by popular demand: .NET 3.5 Support

August 23, 2010 05:32

We have had lots of comments from users that they are still working on WPF 3.5 projects and will not be upgrading to 4.0 for the moment.

Our goal is to make sure we help you theme your app – no matter what it takes. So we are bringing back WPF 3.5 support!

To satisfy their requirements, later this week we will be adding .NET 3.5 versions of all retail themes to our Ultimate Subscriptions! Additionally, if you are looking for individual themes in .NET 3.5 format, please contact us for more information on individual purchases.

Subscribers will have access to .NET 3.5 versions of the themes by the end of this week.


7 new free WPF themes!

August 16, 2010 01:36


Following on the heels of our new WPF and Silverlight 4.0 collection, we are happy to announce a new free collection of 7 themes.

Our entire original theme collection for WPF is now available as a free download, along with Mercury a brand new theme!

The Legacy Collection includes popular classic themes such as Candy, Edge, Frog, Inc, Metal, and Sleek along with Mercury, a lightweight version of our new flagship theme Gemini.

All of these themes are provided for free with very few restrictions. You can use them for up to 3 commercial projects and unlimited personal (non-public) projects. This collection is for both .NET 3.5 SP1 and .NET 4.0.

Find out more >>


Unveiling Reuxables 4.0 + New Subscriptions

July 20, 2010 21:57

We are very proud to announce the fourth generation of Reuxables, built for WPF + Silverlight 4.0 and supporting implicit styling across both technologies. Along with Generation 4, we are introducing new themes, new product types, and subscription options all tailored – from purchasing to usage – for a better themeing experience for you.

And last, but not least, has been completely remodeled for a better customer experience, including a new Subscriber Downloads area.


New Themes: Gemini + Developer

Leading this new generation of themes are our two new designer themes.

Gemini, the successor to Paper 2010 with several new enhancements including beautifully designed additional button, tab, and list styles. With these additional styles you can cover several new themeing scenarios such as a creating a suite of applications, each with its own distinct color style, or providing color-coding for better cognition.

If you purchased Paper 2010, please email us for a 50% off upgrade to Gemini.

Developer, the de facto standard for developer applications as well as any solution that requires a multi-faceted UI while remaining breathable and recognizable. Following our new design principles of multiple common control styles per theme this theme features additional tab and button styles.

Assembly + Source Editions

Since XAML themes are pretty new to the software industry, and since XAML is such a flexible technology the usage of themes varies extensively. After some in-depth research, some internal code tinkering, and of course – most importantly – listening to you, we are introducing a new dynamic shift in our product lineup to make Reuxables even more affordable

Assembly versions are designed specifically for developers who intend to use the themes without customizations. This affordable new method allows you access to all themes* at almost half the price. Read the next section for information on the new subscription type just for assemblies.

Source versions are just like the previous generation of Reuxables, that is, full XAML source is available for the theme. This is the best solution for developers requiring customization or deep access to the theme resources.

For detailed comparisons of the two new editions, click here.

* Currently, Assembly editions are available only for WPF as Silverlight has certain technological restrictions.

New Subscriptions + Slashed Prices

With the introduction of the new product editions, we have split the older annual subscription into two separate subscriptions.

Subscription Lite gives you cost-effective access to the entire Generation 4 theme library in Assembly form at a very affordable price, with access to new themes that we are constantly adding to our collection, priority access to bug fixes, new enhancements upgrades, and more.

Subscription Ultimate gives you extended access to our entire Generation 4 and Generation 3.5 theme libraries with full source code, with access to our upcoming Windows Phone 7 support for all Silverlight themes, priority tech support, WPF/Silverlight Toolkits, as well as several other benefits.

All existing Subscribers who have purchased a subscription on or before July 19 have been upgraded, free of cost to Subscription Ultimate. (See access details below)

Additionally, the renewal fee is now slashed by $100.

For detailed comparisons of the subscription types, click here.

New Downloads Area

Along with the new Subscription types, we are introducing our new simplified downloads area for Subscribers.

With a simple single access code system, you can get instant downloads for your subscription, as well as previous generation themes. Below the downloads you can get the version history for all builds including new features and modifications for each build.

If you are existing subscriber, you should receive an updated access code in 24 hours. In case you need access urgently, or have not received the new code, please contact us.


You can access the new Subscribers Downloads page at

Retiring Classic Themes

With the release of Generation 4, in an effort to deliver better quality themes, we have retired our old themes that were based on older design frameworks. We have started introducing new themes such as Gemini and Developer, to address the new trends in visual styles as well as the most requested features for Reuxables. Moving forward, by the end of 2010 we will be introducing several new themes.

Subscription Ultimate, and previous Subscribers will still have full access to previous themes.

Further Information

Frequently Asked Questions (updated)

Contact us directly for any other questions


Developer, developer, developer…

November 12, 2009 22:24


We aren’t finished yet! Releasing near the end of November (yup, only a few days away) is one of our coolest themes yet. Based on breaking trends in the software developer world, this new UX Kit, “Developer”, contains:

  • Complete WPF and Silverlight theme with the smallest memory footprint ever!
  • Optimized toolbars for multi-toolbar environments
  • Multiple Tab styles
  • Custom Dialogs, MessageBoxes, and Interrupt Screens
  • Custom ToolWindow style Grids and other containers
  • Royalty-free icons
  • And more…

So keep tuned in to our blog. ;-)


New themes now available

November 12, 2009 22:06

We are happy to announce the full public availability of our new themes Paper 2010 ($69) and Sleek ($49). Our entire theme library is now Silverlight 3.0 compatible as well. Please visit for details.

You can see the new demos for both WPF and Silverlight themes.

One of the most requested Silverlight themes, Discovery, is now finally available and with new performance enhancements, is perfect for online deployments.






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