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Reuxables Themes for Silverlight 3.0

September 14, 2009 02:54


Reuxables Themes now support Silverlight 3.0 and the Silverlight Toolkit! Take a look now >

If you have purchased a Silverlight 2.0 theme, you can re-download from your original download link to get the updated Silverlight 3.0 version. If you are a Subscriber, login and download the latest versions from your Subscriptions Area.

In case you have trouble with either, feel free to contact us.


reuxables phase 2, Silverlight themes coming up and more

February 22, 2008 04:22


Our goals with reuxables is to provide a comprehensive set of themes for WPF and Silverlight applications. Our first phase was to provide a new, inexpensive, and comprehensive range of themes. All of them are currently available at

Next, in March, we intend to release 1.5 versions of all these themes, as well as the Phase 2 themes.

The image above shows a beta preview of DISCOVERY, one of the 3 premium Phase 2 themes being developed right now. The Phase 2 themes will have only animated versions and will aim for an extreme animated UI experience.

The 1.5 update for existing themes will cover bug fixes, performance enhancements, and provide theme support for some legacy controls - such as the Toolbar - that does not exist in the current release.

All existing users will receive the 1.5 versions of the Phase 1 themes for free, as well as a large discount for the Phase 2 themes.

In March, Beta 1 of Silverlight 2.0 will also be released and we intend to provide full Silverlight versions of all Phase 1 and Phase 2 themes. We will provide regular updates to coincide with future Silverlight 2.0 Betas and CTPs and an early version of the RTM edition. Preordering details will be posted soon.


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