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nukeationMachine Beta 3 - available now!

August 17, 2008 23:25

nukeationMachine Beta 3 is available for pre-release purchase.

We are giving a 30% pre-release early adoption discount up till September 18, 2008.

See the entire feature list here:

Take a look at the UI Bits available in Beta 3:


nukeationMachine is here!

August 15, 2008 01:52

Monday, 18 August 2008, we will finally - after a really, really long time - release nukeationMachine.

For you, working in Visual Studio will never be the same again. And who knows, you just might get that extra time you need to finish the really important code.


So what is nukeationMachine? Well, until Monday, we can only say two things:

// the toolbox is now obsolete

...and go to


Looking for beta testers for <WTF/>

March 27, 2008 00:22

We're almost done with WTF. But we need YOUR help. We have a need for a few beta testers. To apply, please use the contact form on this blog. All beta testers will get free copies of WTF and a discount coupon for our Reuxables products.

I'll be posting more info this weekend about some more new features we ended up adding to WTF:TransitionContainers, and our roadmap for WTF 2.0.

EDIT: Sorry, all available slots are now filled. Thanks to everyone for the great response.


WTF - WPF Transformation Framework

February 6, 2008 17:15

Some time back, we made a public beta available for <WTF/> or WPF Transformation Framework (formerly, WPF Transition Framework).

The project started as a simple means to add animated transitions without having to create Timelines. Basically, you just created a WTF powered Canvas, set the animation type and duration, and you're done.

WTF Transition Containers Code Sample:

<WTF:TransitionCanvas Name="TransitionGrid1" FireOn="OnLoad" Duration="500">

<!-- Add your controls here -->


From the feedback we received and some other gaps in WPF we encountered ourselves, we set out to add more power to WTF before releasing the final version.


The image above shows the new WTF:Animation control and the WTF:PowerImage control.

The WTF:PowerImage is bound to the WTF:Animation exposed frame (ImageSource), creating an animation with the Add Blend Effect

The new features include:


You are no longer restricted to using just the canvas. You can choose from TransitionBorder, TransitionContentPresenter, TransitionDockPanel, TransitionGrid, TransitionStackPanel, and TransitionWrapPanel. With TransitionContentPresenter you can apply transitions to ANY control in the WPF ecosystem!

Each TransitionContainer is an inherited control, therefore it is extremely easy to replace existing containers in your UI with these.

New Transitions

Enjoy a vast range of transitions including:

  • FadeIn
  • FadeOut
  • BlurFadeIn
  • BlurFadeOut
  • SlideIn
  • SlideOut
  • BlurSlideIn
  • BlurSlideOut
  • ZoomIn
  • ZoomOut
  • BlurZoomIn
  • BlurZoomOut
  • RotateIn
  • RotateOut
  • BlurRotateIn
  • BlurRotateOut

New Transition Functionality

Sequence multiple transitions with the WaitBeforeFire property. Instantly disable animations during resource hungry operations. Integrate transitions more easily with Transition status events such as TransitionFiring, TransitionFired, and others.


Add traditional frame-based animations with the new WTF:Animation control. Full support for 32-bit transparent PNG for creating animated controls and more. Control the playback directly from XAML or from code-behind.

Features include:

  • Loop and Back-Forth Loop options
  • 32-bit transparent PNG animations
  • Exposes current frame for direct DataBinding with other controls such as WTF:PowerImage
  • Load frames from embedded resource or direct files
  • Select between Performance and Quality rendering modes
  • Inherits all features of the WPF Image control


Use the powerful ADD Blend Mode (aka Hard Dodge) on your images. Use WTF:PowerImage to apply the Add effect to the WTF:Animation control!

The ADD blend mode is used by designers to create glow and other effects. WPF does not support Blend Modes, so WTF:PowerImage provides a workaround.


Keep watching this blog for more demos.


Release Information

<WTF/> will be available in two editions: a full featured retail version, and a free express edition. <WTF/> is scheduled for release near the end of Feb 2008.


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