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New Blog

January 18, 2008 02:43

I finally moved to I'm REALLY loving how easy it is to modify the blog. DasBlog was pretty cool, but it is getting SO complicated now - and still is missing a lot of cool features - so I had to move.

Anyways, my old blog will still be active. I'll often cross-post stuff from this blog there, but it will mostly become more graphics oriented and have more space dedicated to my non-programming side. This blog however will be my new "official" blog and have all the latest (and regularl updated) happenings on Blend, Expression (of which I am now an MVP), XAML, WPF, <WTF/>, reuxables, Nukeation Go, Nukeation Machine, Nukeation CMS, and [more].

I also intend to take a more active role this year in learning resources, so expend a full reboot of revoluxions with LOTS of content, regular updates, and REAL resources --- like we say: "this isn't Hello World, it's the REAL WORLD", and we intend to post some super solid real world material that you can really use in your projects. In the time Andy and I took off revoluxions to attend to our respective companies (read about the awesome stuff Andy's ThincSoft is doing), we did have some nice brainstorming sessions as well as meetings with people who are really using WPF and the problems they are facing and we have a big plan on how to help people learn the ins and outs of real world WPF. It's all about TASK based content, not TOPIC based.

Other than revoluxions, I intend to write a whole load of articles - especially for the Designer community (see this link for my previously published ones) as well as the big issue of Developer/Designer Integration. Really, it's not as hard as it seems.

So keep watching, and subscribe now (see that big orange RSS link on top of the page? If not, you probably already are...)



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