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Plans for 2009, Silverlight 2.0 and 3.0, and Machine for Expression

April 21, 2009 11:42

  2009 Plan

The Nukeation Team has been working on our plans for the immediate future and beyond, and we wanted to share them with you. As April comes to an end, we are getting ready to launch some exciting new products and starting work on the next generation.

In March, we launched Machine 1.0 for Visual Studio 2008, as well as the Reuxables Second Generation.

Reuxables + Silverlight + WPF Toolkit Support

Near the end of this month, we will release WPF Toolkit support for all our WPF themes (yes, you will all get to style your DataGrid now!), along with Silverlight 2.0 versions of our core themes (Candy, Fusion, Frog, Glass, Metal, Paper). All themes will cover the SL 2.0 Toolkit, and we will provide updates with each revision of the Toolkit as they become available.

In May, we will release Silverlight versions of the remainder of our themes, and betas of the themes Slick, Nostalgia, and Paper II will be made available to the Subscribers.

All our Silverlight versions will be available at the same prices as the WPF versions. Combined purchases will also be available at massive discounts. Existing same-theme customers can pay the difference to purchase a SL version of the theme (and vice-versa).

Subscribers will get the SL versions at no additional cost.

MultiTouch + Reuxables

In Q3 2009, we will publish our unique Multi-Touch and NUX oriented Reuxables aimed at the Windows 7 generation and multi-touch environments. These Reuxables will not be mere themes but complete UX Kits with custom controls, augmented standard controls, and unique User Experiences that can be operated with tactile hand movement.

Machine 1.5 and 2.0

In Q2 2009, Machine will be moved up to Version 1.5 featuring new powerful features:

Organize UI Bits into categories
UI Bits are now organized into Common, Input, Business, Miscellaneous, Imported and Personal categories. Categories can be redefined and reorganized, and additional categories added.

Favorite UI Bits management
Mark favorite UI Bits across all categories and be able to quickly select from an exclusive Favorites list.

Expandable Family Structure
UI Bits with additional or extended variations are now grouped into families and visible only when explicitly selected. For example, the UI Bits Border1Thickness , Border2Thickness, Border3Thickness, and so on would be grouped into a single Border1Thickness UI Bit. If click the Expand icon next to the UI Bit list entry, you get a pop-out with the additional variations of the same family.

Faster search
The search system was rebuilt from the ground up for faster performance on both x86 and x64 platforms.

Full X/D/HTML Support
The portion now fully supports HTML in Visual Studio.

Network Sharing for team based development
With a special module for the Ultimate Edition, teams working on a network environment can share UI Bits across the entire team using a central Machine Repository. When a network repository is not available, the library reverts to the local offline cache, allowing individuals to work while disconnected.

Individual UI Bits Import/Export
Single UI Bits can be exported as self-contained .uib files, and shared with other nukeationMachine users.

In Q3/Q4 2009, the third generation Machine (2.0) will be released for Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend 2.0 and 3.0*, and Expression Web 2.0 and higher*. The Expression editions of Machine will feature unprecedented designer tools for making a UI more quickly and efficiently. We intend to release a working public beta in the next couple of months!

* Machine release dates and features for currently unreleased versions of Expression products is only estimated.

Lastly: Discounts in April, May, and June!

If you are a MSDN Magazine reader, pick up your copy and find our ad. You will find a nice little discount code. :) Enjoy!


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