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We have had the honor of working with a wide range of clients - from individual developers across the globe to Fortune 500 corporations - as well as big name developers!

"Nukeation is a talented, high-caliber design studio and we are very pleased with the themes they produced for the Silverlight Toolkit. We were looking for a design team that could meet our aggressive project deadlines and deliver amazing results. Nukeation exceeded our expectations through their flexibility, attention to detail and responsiveness to our needs."
Shawn Burke
Product Unit Manager, Presentation Platform Controls

"I have worked with Nukeation on several projects and have always found their designs innovative and professional. Nukeation seems to understand the value of a good, clean design. Integration with our software developers, traditionally a very painful process, was very simple, even to the point where Nukeation left comments in the code to aid the developers on integration of things like Google AdSense.

"I have worked on investment portfolio sites, developer sites, blogs, professional sports related sites, and a few others all with great results."
Stephen Forte
Microsoft MVP
Microsoft Regional Director, New York

"I have found working with Nukeation to be an exhilarating experience. The people are extremely creative, responsive, and talented and it's been nothing but sheer pleasure to work with them."
Carl Franklin
Host, .NET Rocks / Microsoft Regional Director

"[the] team’s creativity is just terrific – it is as though they can read my mind because every logo, design, color scheme, and layout has with very few cycles been exactly what I wanted. I have never worked with a designer so remarkably intuitive. Quite impressive, quite reliable. I highly recommend their work."
Michele Leroux Bustamante
Chief Architect, IDesign Inc.
Microsoft Regional Director

"ASPSOFT has selected Nukeation Studios as its user interface and user experience partner because of their deep understanding of not just what looks good, but what feels good about software design. Nukeation Studios will help you stand out from the pack."
Jonathan D. Goodyear
President, ASPSOFT
Microsoft Regional Director

"Nukeation's assistance with WPF design and implementation was critical to the success of our project. I was impressed by both the quality of the work and the quick turnaround."
Doug Pierce
CEO, Clinical Ink, LLC

"I've worked with many "New York, New York" design firms over the years doing interfaces for my software products and web sites. Although the look they come up with is interesting, the artwork they leave me with is un-implementable and I'm left with pretty photoshop files and nothing else.

"This is NOT the case with Nukeation. Coupled with the excellent creative work, Nukeation has a deep understanding of technology and was able to deliver both top shelf 'sketches and concepts' to iterate with as well as working code scaffolding that I could fill with business logic. Nukeation brings their own theories of usability and user experience to the table as well. The designs they deliver are creative and modern, and have an emerging look that will not feel 'dated' in 6 months.

"They've exceeded all my expectations and I couldn't be happier with the work. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to give their products a professional polish."
Andrew Eick
Chief Architect, ThincSoft

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