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The Reuxables Subscription is an easy and affordable way to gain access to our entire themes library. Instead of purchasing single themes, your annual subscription offers you all the themes in our catalog and new ones that we release every month. With a Reuxables Subscription, you save over $1200!

The Reuxables Subscription license is perpetual, so you can continue to use the themes even when your subscription expires. As an added benefit, Subscribers get early access to new themes before they are released to the public, opportunities for beta releases*, Windows Phone 7 capabilities for all themes*, Priority Tech Support* and more.


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WPF only

All compiled assembly

Annual subscription

Single developer license

No toolkit included

Unlimited App Licenses

Limited Updates2

Limited Tech Support3

All theme variations

New themes5

No Windows Phone 7 support

$1180+ savings

$169/year renewal
Silverlight + WPF included

Full source code

Annual subscription

Single developer license

Full Toolkit included1

Unlimited App Licenses

Unlimited updates4

Priority Tech Support3

All theme variations

New + Beta Themes5

.NET 3.5 legacy themes

Windows Phone 7 support6

$1580+ savings

$295/year renewal
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We are experiencing technical difficulties with our payment processor. If you are unable to make a purchase on this website, please email us at for a direct purchase.

* Ultimate Subscription only.

1 WPF and Silverlight Toolkits from CodePlex are unsupported and provided with certain restrictions. See Features List below.

2 All non-Ultimate products receive bug fixes only. Our usual response time is 2-5 days for providing bug fixes on discovery.

3 Limited Support usually has a 48-72 hour response time, while Priority Support is 24-48 hours, often being as quick as 6 hours.

4 Subscription Ultimate provides for fast updates, including bug fixes within 1-3 days, except when classified as a major bug.

5 New themes will be made available to subscribers before general release. Beta themes may be made available, however they are not licensed for commercial usage until general release. All beta or new themes will be made available during the subscription period (one year).

6 Windows Phone 7 support will begin only with the Ultimate Subscriptions estimated during the 3rd Quarter of 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions


For renewals, please contact us directly or through the Support System.

If you are an existing Super Pack user or Classic Subscriber and have not been upgraded to the new subscriptions, please contact us to be upgraded with special rates.

Academic Rates and Special Discounts

We provide special rates for academic institutions, students, .NET usergroups, Microsoft MVPs, and Microsoft Regional Directors.

Please contact us for more information. Microsoft MVPs and Regional Directors qualify for free copies of Subscription Lite. Please mention your MVP ID.


Existing subscribers can access their benefits here:

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